Smyth/Cid Water Filtration Crocks—The Beauty of Handmade Stoneware

Welcome to! Featuring Smyth/Cid Water Filtration Crocks: handmade in Upstate New York. Our American made filters remove bad taste, odors, bacteria, aluminum, arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, nickel, VOC’s, pharmaceuticals, and more!

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Clean Water Anywhere - Gravity Fed

Are you concerned about the quality of your municipal drinking water or well water? Remove impurities with our gravity-fed water filtration systems. Great for lake houses and cabins that need to filter water from ponds and streams, or for emergencies where running water and power are unavailable.

Stoneware water filtration crock green with ceramic stand

Meet The Caspian Water Crock

The "Caspian" hand crafted stoneware water filter crock makes a great centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room. The Caspian model is designed to slide underneath kitchen cabinets.
  • Gravity fed filtration system: enjoy pure water on tap, anywhere in your home. No power or running water required. Great for lake houses and cabins, for filtering pond and river water, for emergencies, or for removing what municipal water companies miss.
  • Save hundreds of dollars a year when you ditch the bottled water
  • Crock, stand, and filters are made in the USA
  • Water Crock Height with Stand*: 16″
  • Capacity*: 2.4 Gallons (Top: 18 C. Filtered: 21 C.)
  • Filter Included
  • Your choice of 4 glazing styles.
  • Your choice of hand-forged steel or ceramic stand for easy dispensing.

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*Dimensions are approximate. Each crock is hand made to order, resulting in subtle variations.