Smyth/Cid Stoneware Crocks – Handmade Fermentation Crocks, Kombucha Crocks, Water Coolers, and Water Filtration Crocks.

Enjoy the beauty of handmade stoneware. Our crocks are handmade in Upstate NY. Each piece is a unique work of art.

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Handmade stoneware water cooler for 5 gallon jugs - with stainless still spigot and ceramic stand. Color: blue.

Stoneware Water Coolers

The hourglass shape of the crock ensures a generous opening and broad base for stability, ease of use, and aesthetic balance. Designed to fit 5 gallon water jugs/carboys (not included). Features a stainless steel spigot for durability. Includes a matching ceramic stand.

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Stoneware fermentation, food preservation crock with water seal and weight, nuka/tenmoku glaze. 1 gallon.

Stoneware Fermentation/pickling crocks

Our stoneware fermentation/food preservation crocks are perfect for making sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented pickles, and more! High fired with traditional Japanese glazes for a beautiful, non-porous, and durable finish. Includes water seal lid and handmade weight.

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Stoneware kombucha crock with spigot ash green glaze 2 gallon, made in USA

Stoneware Kombucha Crocks

Enjoy kombucha on tap with our handcrafted stoneware kombucha crock. Featuring a stainless steel spigot for easy bottling. Our crocks are perfect for continuous brewing. The lid handle has a generous opening for healthy airflow, and easily accepts a cloth to prevent insects from entering.

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Stoneware water crock - alternative to Berkey system

Water Filtration Crocks

Turn tap water into drinking water with the Caspian Water Filtration Crock. Inside, the Cerametix® filters remove bad taste, odors, bacteria, heavy metals, and more (filter specs from AquaCera). Available in a selection of glazes to fit your decor.

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See how our water filter crocks work!

Clean Water Anywhere - Gravity Fed

Are you concerned about the quality of your municipal drinking water or well water? Remove impurities with our gravity-fed water filtration systems.

Stoneware water filtration crock green with ceramic stand

Meet The Caspian Water Crock

The "Caspian" hand crafted stoneware water filter crock makes a great centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room. The Caspian model is designed to slide underneath kitchen cabinets.
  • Gravity fed filtration system: enjoy pure water on tap, anywhere in your home. No power or running water required. Great for removing what municipal water companies or your whole house filter misses.
  • Save hundreds of dollars a year when you ditch the bottled water
  • Crock, stand, and filters are made in the USA
  • Water Crock Height with Stand*: 16″
  • Capacity*: 2.4 Gallons (Top: 18 C. Filtered: 21 C.)
  • Filter Included
  • Your choice of 4 glazing styles.
  • Your choice of hand-forged steel or ceramic stand for easy dispensing.

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*Dimensions are approximate. Each crock is hand made to order, resulting in subtle variations.