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Water Filtration Crock Review:

Colleen Pierre at reviews Smyth/Cid Portable Stoneware Water Filtration Crock

A special thanks to Colleen Pierre and everyone at for the positive review of our Smyth/Cid Stoneware Water Filtration System. You can check out her video review here and more details on! If you live in the Saratoga County area, do yourself a favor and check out SaratogaMama: it’s a fantastic online resource […]

Is there lead in my water supply? How to get rid of it.

how does lead get in drinking water, and how to remove it

Updated 2-8-16 Lead is a naturally occurring metal. Much of the lead we encounter comes from human activities such as fossil fuels, mining, and manufacturing. It can be found in lead-based paint, batteries, ammunition, solder and pipes, and x-ray protective equipment. Due to an increased awareness of the health hazards of lead, many sources of […]

Is Fluoride In Drinking Water Bad? How To Remove It?

Is fluoride in drinking water bad for you?

Since the 1940’s, fluoride has been introduced to municipal drinking supplies across the country. Approximately 67.1% of the US population receives fluoridated water for the purpose of reducing cavities. Flouride prevents cavities by binding to tooth enamel, making the tooth more resistant to acid attack from bacteria. As a result, fluoride is often included in […]

Are There Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water?

Pharmaceuticals in drinking water

When you fill a glass of water from the faucet, whether it’s well water or city water, there’s a chance that you’re getting more than hydration. According to the Associated Press, you could be drinking a witches’ brew of pharmaceuticals: drugs for aches and pains, infections, seizures, blood pressure, hormones for menopause, drugs for depression, […]