Watch David Smyth Make a Water filtration Crock

Watch David Smyth make a water filter crock at his pottery studio in Upstate New York.

David Smyth Making Water Filter Crock

David Smyth

For 25 years, David and Judy have explored many avenues of pottery, from Pit firing to Raku and Crystalline glazes. They are well-known in the Upstate New York region for their water filtration crocks, bathroom sinks, and functional pottery. They share their expertise in classes at the Smyth Cid studio and workshops at high schools.

David has a MFA and Judy a BS from SUNY New Paltz. Both graduated in 85 , married and moved to the country. They have two boys Zachary and James, both in college. Zachary is at SUNY New Paltz and James at SUNY Cobleskill.

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