Stoneware Kombucha Crock with Lid and Spigot

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Enjoy kombucha on tap with our handcrafted stoneware kombucha crock. Featuring a stainless steel spigot for easy bottling. Our crocks are perfect for continuous brewing, meaning you can leave the SCOBY in place and don’t have a messy cleanup each batch.

Our unique lid features a handle with a generous opening in the center, ensuring healthy airflow for your SCOBY. The shape of the handle makes it easy to place a cloth over and keep a tight seal with a rubber band to prevent flying insects from contaminating your batch.

Available in 1+, 2+, and 3+ gallon sizes with a choice of 3 traditional Japanese high-fired glazes for durability:

  • Nuka/Tenmoku: Nuka and Tenmoku glazes are often featured together in traditional Japanese stoneware for their attractive contrast. Nuka over Tenmoku is said to resemble snow falling off pine trees. Nuka is a wood ash glaze featuring a naturally light color, while the Tenmoku is a dark maroon to black iron oxide glaze. The application of the glazes is a highly skilled process.
  • Ash Green: Our Ash green glaze is also a high fired wood ash glaze.
  • Shino: A high-iron glaze for an attractive earthen appearance.

Handmade in Upstate NY

Ash green
1+ Gallon
1+ Gallon
2+ Gallon
2+ Gallon
3+ Gallon
3+ Gallon
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