Stoneware Water Cooler w/ Stand – For 5 Gallon Water Jugs/Carboys


    Enjoy the beauty of American craftsmanship. Our stoneware water coolers are handmade in Upstate NY, featuring a selection of attractive food-safe glazes to fit your home decor. The hourglass shape of the crock ensures a generous opening and broad base for stability, ease of use, and aesthetic balance. Designed to fit 5 gallon water jugs/carboys (not included). Features a stainless steel spigot for durability. Includes a matching ceramic stand.

    Do you need your tap water filtered instead? Check out our stoneware water filtration crock.

    Important Safety Note: Please place your water crock with 5 gallon water jug on a stable, easily accessible surface. A 5 gallon jug filled with water weighs 40 pounds or more. Regarding glass carboys, our water crock has silicone cushioning for compatibility with glass. However, you will need to place the glass carboy carefully on the water crock. Jarring impacts to the water crock from the glass carboy may damage/break the carboy or the crock.

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